Santhosh Tuppad


Entrepreneurship in Sanskrit means, “Antha Prerna,” which in translation means “self-motivated”. The bitter truth is, we are confusing this meaning with money, capitalism, celebrity, impressing the external world, the richness of materialistic gains and many delusional and illusional things that exist in this current world....


The ugly side of a Fancy Software

Today, we may be highly proud of the internet society because of great applications that have been developed to make things easier for humans in terms of accessibility of services which includes healthcare, e-commerce, banking, insurance, social media and what not. However, there is a...

Santhosh Tuppad

Mistakes to avoid while creating robots.txt

What is the Robots.txt file? Robots.txt file is a text file as you may already know because it has an extension *.txt and these are responsible for helping the search engine spiders from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and many other search engines or bots which crawl...

Santhosh Tuppad

OSINT & SOCIAL ENGINEERING – F.A.Q Series with Santhosh Tuppad

“Social engineering is using deception, manipulation, and influence to convince a human who has access to a computer system to do something, like click on an attachment in an email." Kevin Mitnick   What type of information on a company/ site/ person may be helpful in preparing an...

Santhosh Tuppad

A Guide to Securing Cascading Stylesheets

INTRODUCTION The goal of this CSS (Not XSS, but Cascading Style Sheet) Cheat Sheet is to inform Programmers, Testers, Security Analysts, Front-End Developers and anyone who is interested in Web Application Security to use these recommendations or requirements in order to achieve better security when authoring Cascading Style Sheets. Let's demonstrate this...