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We are problem solvers. Give us a problem & see it for yourselves.

Work2Code is a brand new breed of programmers, testers and test automators who always think about the value they are creating for the customers. The team focuses on the ultimate end-users experience rather than only thinking about developing features for the customer which works.

Developing features is something that can be done easily, but most programmers are so much obsessed with the functional aspect that they absolutely forget about “Secure” experience of end-users. Every day there are security breaches that we see in the news. Our CEO Santhosh Tuppad who is also a “Security Expert” says, “Most of the breaches that occur on day to day basis are the silly ones and are exploited because of the negligence of a company or programmers or the culture where security is not at all considered while writing code.

Security implementation in code is hard, but not impossible. It takes attitude, skills, and culture to write the secure code that works functionally and also keeps the malicious hackers and attackers away from the application”.

Being in the business of software is not just about making money for ourselves, but it’s all about the value chain that we think of. Our strategy has not been about competing with the the other service providers, but focus on how we can be unique in offering our world-class and skilled services to our awesome clients across web application development, mobile application development, internet of things applications and any application that’s built using the code.

We were confused with “Shift Left Approach” the world is speaking about and following because we follow “Shift Everywhere Approach”. We “Shift Everywhere” we can in the Development process, Testing phase and everywhere where there is the context. We always think Security of Code, the moment we write the first line in our IDE. Whenever we write code, security must be part of it. If we take care of your users’ security & privacy through the code we write, your business will be taken care of indirectly.

Secure coding is not a different phase for us, it starts from Analysis and continues until the end of the project.



Delivering secure & high-quality Applications for Businesses

Most of the businesses do not focus on “Security Requirements” when they start designing the use-cases or the user stories. As much as we love developing applications based on the user stories we also love making those features secure enough. End-to-End Secure Applications is one of our goals when we start with any project.

Developing applications is very personal to us and that is the reason that we care about the security principles that we believe in and go any longer to keep the users of the developed applications very secure.



We value you and we mean it.

01. Mental Health of our team members.

02. Secure Coding.

03. Exploratory Testing & Test Automation.

04. Make Promises & Deliver.

05. Empathy and Understanding.

06. Doing what we love.



Meet the team



Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur, Security Expert, Exploratory Tester & Coder.



Advisory Board Member

Former Python Software Foundation Director



Board Member

Agile Consultant & Executive Coach

Web Application Development

We help you develop applications which are feature rich & secure. Also, we test like motivated engineers.

Exploratory Testing – Web, Mobile & IoT Applications

All testing is exploratory. And we know how continuous education is important to test well.

API Testing – Web, Mobile & IoT Applications

We PUT efforts and POST your business needs in order to GET great results.

Test Automation – Web, Mobile & IoT

Our engineers know how to achieve better check coverage to achieve better test coverage.

Work2Code team has done multiple engagements for us and found valuable security improvements in our products. Santhosh and his team took the time to discuss their discovery of vulnerabilities and impact on the product or user. We plan on using them any time we want a third party to review our products.

Sunny Nair
VP of InfoSec, Compliance & Release Management

Working with Work2Code Security Experts was and is a great experience! They are always friendly and encouraging and is using this gift to train (if wanted) other testers and developers on security testing. On the job. With small or big projects, their work is always on time and they offer a lot of insights into the security aspects of your software. I hope for more joint projects in the future!

Vera Gehlen Baum
CEO, QualityMinds Gmbh (Germany)

If India had an Olympic software testing team, Santhosh would be its captain. He's a remarkably energetic, inventive thinker, who pursues the truth with single-minded integrity. I'm glad to count him among the small group who are the first reviewers of the things I write.

James Bach
Bucanneer Scholar, Satisfice Inc.

We engaged Work2Code to perform penetration testing. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience for us. From the beginning, it was clear that the staff of Work2Code had deep technical knowledge of security, testing & software development in general. They worked in a collaborative way with us, ensuring that they had all of the information they needed to test the system properly, and also involving us in their thought process so we had the opportunity to understand the work that they were doing. As a result of our partnership, I have a more secure system, and a better team.

Mark Grebler
Head of Engineering at Project Focus HQ (Melbourne, Australia)

Santhosh and his team were a pleasure to work with in every way: knowledgeable, helpful, communicative, careful about sensitive security issues, and at the forefront of their areas of specialty. I enjoyed every aspect of working with them.

Gloria Willadsen
CTO, iMentor (New York City, US of America)