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40 Software Testing Leaders to Follow in 2020

Software Testing Leaders 2020

James Marcus Bach

Michael Bolton

Huib Schoots

Alex Schladabeck

Ajay Balamurugadas

Paul Holland

Santhosh Tuppad

Mahesh Chikane

Keith Klain

Cem Kaner

Shrinvas Kulkarni

Elisabeth Hocke

Vera Gehlen-Baum

Rosie Sherry

Jose Diaz

Lisa Crispin

Janet Gregory

Aditya Garg

Robert Meaney

Angie Jones

Dan Ashby

Rajesh Mathur

Rahul Verma

Ramit Kaul

Martin Hynie

Lanette Creamer

Andrei Contan

Ash Coleman / Hynie

Richard Bradshaw

Mike Lyles

Elisabeth Hendrickson

Dana Aonofriesei

Dan Billing

Smita Mishra

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Mark Winteringham

Perze Ababa

Ard Kramer

Tony Bruce

Damian Synadinos

Santhosh Tuppad

Santhosh Tuppad has played different roles in his life which include being an entrepreneur, liar, lover, boyfriend, husband, thief, passionate software tester, blogger, reader, trainer, coach, black-hat hacker, white-hat hacker, grey-hat hacker and what not. In this amazing journey of life, he has experienced his salvation. Not to forget that, “Salvation comes at a price” and of course he has paid that price. Before he was known for being merciless, ruthless, unkind, evil, etc. And today he is known for kindness, humbleness, and some people call him “Privacy Fighter”.

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